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Visit from Prof. Eshel Ben Jacob

Prof. Eshel Ben Jacob is one of the best-known physicists worldwide. Numerous scientific publications and worldwide lectures approve his expertise.  Since the beginning of the nineties he has been doing intensive research regarding the structure of water. The research concerning nanodoped water has highly promoted the knowledge of water structure.

He found out that technical measuring devices are too inaccurate to reflect changes in the structure of water. That is why he uses microorganisms (bacteria) as an indicator, which are more sensitive than any measuring device. Over millions of years microorganisms have developed the ability to react to minimal changes in their enviroment and they have adapted to these changes. Interestingly Prof. Eshel Ben Jacob came to the same conclusion as Johann Grander by practical experience, observation of nature and intuition.

With this experiment Prof. Eshel Ben Jacob also detected that water has a memory and it is possible to save this information in water.

Personal contact between Grander and Professor Eshel Ben Jacob has existed for several years now. On 7th July they met each other in person for the first time in Jochberg.

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