Submerged (Cylinder) DevicesSubmerged (Cylinder) Devices
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Submerged (Cylinder) Devices
For ponds, swimming pools and much more.

For revitalisation of water in

  • containers
  • pools
  • ponds
  • swimming pools  
  • other reservoirs

Available as a double cylinder (two chambers arranged next to each other) or as a revitalisation rod (for containers with low volumes of water, such as small wells, water tanks, beverage containers etc.)

Combine with water revitalisers in the main water lines:
GRANDER cylinder devices are well suited for additional pre- or post-revitalisation of wells and water containers, in combination with a GRANDER water revitalisation device in the main water line.

Type of material:
Every cylinder device is manufactured in V4A stainless steel.


·  45 days return for purchase price

·  5 year manufacturer warranty 


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