Fresh Water Supply RevitalisersFresh Water Supply Revitalisers
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Fresh Water Inline and Main-supply Revitalisers
Installation in the main water supply line.

GRANDER water revitalisation devices can be easily installed trouble-free into the main water supply line. The decisive factors for choosing the appropriate device are pipe size, maximum consumption, the charge of the water and the local installation situation.

They are available for pipe sizes of 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 5/4", 6/4", 2", 2 1/2", 3", 4".

For this reason, a definitive decision on the optimal device size can only be reached on site, which is why we also highly value a personal consultation and inspection by our trained consultants.

Installation should take place:

¬∑ after the water pipe

¬∑ after purifying filters and

¬∑ before any other technical equipment (pressure reducing valves, ionic exchanger, dosing systems, magnetic devices etc.)

Effective operational sphere:
Effective operation remains constant even for irregular consumption, long times of non-use, pipe systems that branch out far, circulation etc...

Duration of effectiveness:
The effectiveness of our product has existed for 20 years. Since this time, the revitalisation effect has remained at a maximum level and to the complete satisfaction of our customers. The revitalisation effect in GRANDER water revitalisation equipment does not wear down even after several years of use.

Professional opinion:
The hygenic and technical harmlessness of the use of original Grander water revitalisation equipment in drinking water has been confirmed by professional opinion (University of Graz, Technical Monitoring Association of Vienna and the Swiss Gas and Water Industry Association).

The condition for all warranty claims is the proper and professional installation of the equipment by an authorised installation service.

¬∑ 45 days return full refund (according to Israeli Law)

¬∑ 5 year warranty

Type of material:
All water revitalisation equipment is manufactured with V2A stainless steel. Steel grade numbers: water-bearing internal parts 1.4301, external casing 1.4016 (3" and 4" 1.4462).

As a special model, devices in acid-resistant V4A stainless steel (1.4571 internal and external) are also available.

In order to avoid corrosive contact with zinc-coated lines, we deliver all equipment with red brass double nipples. 

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