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Food Production
Only The Best Water is Good Enough

Following the ancient principle ?the quality of the ingredients determines the quality of the product?, more food producers today look out for a precise selection of ingredients.

Water, base food item number one, gains quite a lot of meaning. "Only the best is good enough for premium foods?, as is the unanimous thrust of quality-conscious food producers.


  • Bread/Pastries/Pizza: Dough is more supple and airy, reduces flour improvers, fresh longer and longer shelf life
  • Meat/Sausage production: mellow meat, better results when preparing, salt reduction
  • Beverage/Wine/Beer production: finer carbonisation, ingredients taste more intensive (fruit juice)
  • Cheese production: the natural taste is strengthened, steady maturation
  • Other uses with foods, such as a pastry shop/candy production, waffle production, pickles etc.

Appropriate for food producers´ water revitalisation are:

>> GRANDER Water Revitalisation Devices for main water lines

>> GRANDER Reviatalisers (for heating and cooling systems)

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