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Drinking Water
Fresh. Natural. High quality.

Grander Living Water is fresh, natural and high quality

A human being can survive a time without food, but without water only a few days. Water is the primary component of our body. We are made of 70-75% water; our head is comprised of even 80-85% water. To maintain these levels, it is of utmost importance to drink clean, pure, healthy water.

4 tips on drinking water:

  1. Check your drinking habits with GRANDER?s WATER Drink Pass
  2. You don?t forget what you see ? always have a pitcher or bottle of water within reach
  3. Drink in moderate amounts; there?s no reason to drink 2-3 liters in one sitting.
  4. Water carries information ? information that is saved will be transferred to the body.

Following Johann Gander?s natural procedure, the original GRANDER water is a revitalised water that brings from its origin all the preconditions that display a pure, high-quality and bacteriologically clean drinking water.

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