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Crystal clear water.

Despite adding bacterial inhibitors, many cooling circuits struggle against the problem of contamination, which negatively influences the cooling features eventually.

By using GRANDER water revitalisation:

  • the microbiological quality of cooling (processing) water is stabilised
  • the chemical additives are reduced and chemical use is optimised
  • the self-cleaning power of cooling (processing) water is increased
  • the potential for corrosion is lowered
  • the service life is lengthened
  • the operational safety levels are raised
  • the emission of odours is lowered
  • the operational costs are lowered

A precise project analysis is necessary for successfully implementing GRANDER water revitilisation in a cooling system, for which we would gladly provide our expertise and our experience.

>> GRANDER Water Revitalisation Devices (installed on the main water supply line)

>> GRANDER Water Revitaliser (heating and cooling circuits)

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