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GRANDER belebt Wasser, Menschen und ihre Lebensräume
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Agriculture and Gardening
Healthier animals. Better growth. Optimal liquid manure.

As a basic precondition for experiencing satisfying and long-term success whilst using GRANDER water revitalisation in agriculture, both drinking water and sewage should be incorporated into the revitalisation and animals should be supplied with revitalised water.

Related to liquid manure, the mid-term objective is to reclose the biological cycle and to reach an optimum level of plant compatibility and fertiliser values whilst minimising odours and nitrate contents by enhancing a microbiological reaction when using GRANDER water revitalisation.

The goals for GRANDER water revitalisation in agriculture are:

  • Healthier animals
  • Better nutrient availability for plants
  • Better plant growth from optimised liquid manure
  • Decrease liquid manure?s odour expansion by loss of nitrogen

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